Navajo Pine/Dzil Dit L'oii

Located north of Fort Defiance on Navajo Route 12 is the Navajo Pine Shopping Center. The Shopping Center comprises some 18,000 square feet and is targeted as a prime location for outdoor sports and recreation business opportunities. Potential business owners can expect to reap traffic from local tourists en-route to major attractions, such as Monument Valley, and Canyon De Chelly, all of which are along the Navajo Nation Scenic Highways routes—Navajo Route 12 and State Route 264. Additionally, there are five lakes that provide excellent fishing, camping, off-road riding and hiking activities. Local mountains contain hundreds of trails and historic roadways, which make an interesting and educational experience.

The local township is aware of its vast outdoor recreation opportunities and puts its focus on future business developments by setting aside an additional 24,448 square feet for commercial development. A strong support of its local governance business initiative involves positive change and, in a foreseeable advantage, will provide jobs, business opportunities, and revenue for the Navajo Nation.

List of Current Tenants
Navajo Pine Market, Phone: 505-777-2675
Elite Laundry, Phone: 505-777-2683
Navajo School Clothing Program, Phone: 505-777-2817

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