Kayenta/To' Dine'eshzhee

The Kayenta Shopping Center comprises 81,567 square feet and is located in the Navajo County in Northwestern Arizona off of State Route 89 North. Kayenta is among the Navajo Nation’s top growth centers. The strong local support offers retailers sound substantial share of revenue, with 3 to 5 million tourists visiting the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and Utah’s Bryce Canyon. Kayenta, also known as Kayenta Township, is the only incorporated municipality in the Navajo Nation. It is managed by a five-member elected town board, which hires the township manager. Kayenta is the name for the Chapter, as well as the township. Kayenta Chapter (a political division within the Navajo Nation that is analogous to a county within a state) encompasses land in both Utah and Arizona.

FREE WIFI Available

List of Current Tenants
Bashas #42, Phone: 928-697-8177/8176
OSERS Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Phone: 928-697-5685
H&R Block, Phone: 928-697-4780
Videos Plus, Phone: 928-697-3284
Golden Rice Bowl, Phone: 928-697-3570
Beauty Way Hair Salon, Phone: 928-697-8536
Ace Hardware/Navajo Westerners, Phone: 928-697-8173
Pizza Edge, Phone: 928-697-8427
Subway, Phone: 928-697-8400
Kayenta Laundromat, Phone: 928-697-3337
Black Mesa Theater, Phone: 928-697-3888
CellularOne, Phone: 928-697-8433
Wells Fargo Bank, Phone: 928-697-3492
Super Splash Carwash, Phone: 435-672-2248
McDonalds, Phone: 928-697-8169

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