Window Rock/Tse'gha'hoodza'ni'

Window Rock is one of the most famous Arizona attractions. It is flourishing with rich culture, wildlife & outdoor recreation and is one of the most thriving business / government growth centers on the Navajo Nation. It is located on two routes nominated by the Arizona Scenic Byways program as a historic and scenic corridor: Navajo Route 12 and State Route 264. Major attractions along the routes include the renowned Window Rock sandstone formation, Monument Valley, Canyon De Chelly, Chuska Mountains, Grande Falls, and Rainbow Bridge. Window Rock / Ft. Defiance communities comprise commercial / government agencies and a thriving education system that provides a high percentage of the overall workforce and revenue to the Navajo Nation. Among local attractions, tourists can visit the Veterans Memorial Park, Navajo Tribal Zoo, Museum, and the historic Navajo Nation Council Chambers. Local businesses include top brand name businesses: Wells Fargo Bank, Bashas’ Supermarket, Quality Inn (hotel, 2 locations), McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Lowe’s Supermarkets, Ace Hardware, and many more. With four phases of development, the Window Rock Shopping Center comprises around 103,384 square feet. It is the largest and oldest of the 10 NNSCI Shopping Centers. It is located on the northeast corner of State Route 264 & Navajo Route 12. Lowe’s Grocery Store serves as the current anchor tenant and offers brand name food products.

List of Current Tenants
Mikasa 2 Chinese Cuisine, Phone: 928-810-2299
Goen Cinema, Phone: 928-810-5388
NNSCI Management Office, Phone: 928-871-2218

Oops A Daisy Floral, Phone: 928-871-4998
Oasis Insurance, Phone: 928-871-4068/4069
Navajo Nation Division of Human Resources, Phone: 928-871-6599
Elite Laundry, Phone: 928-871-5440
Lowe’s Shop N’ Save, Phone: 928-871-4900
Lowe’s AG Cash N’ Carry, Phone: 928-871-4900
Cellular ONE, Phone: 928-871-4479
, Phone: 928-810-4992
Dineh Optical, Phone: 928-871-3463
Navajo Department of Health, Phone: 928-871-6968
Navajo Nation Workers Compensation Program, Phone: 928-871-6389
H&R Block, Phone: 928-871-2349
Ace Hardware/Navajo Westerners, Phone: 928-871-4076
United States Post Office, Phone: 928-871-4610
CoCina De Dominguez, Phone: 928-810-3777
Wells Fargo Bank, Phone: 928-871-4164
Chevron C-Store, Phone: 928-871-4764
Taco Bell/Pizza Hut, Phone: 928-871-3454
KTNN/KWRK Radio Station, Phone: 928-871-2582
Navajo Nation Health Education Program, Business Office: 928-871-7967, WIC Office: 928-871-6732, Behavorial Health: 928-871-7356

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