Shiprock/Tse' Bit' A'i

Shiprock, New Mexico is featured on some of the most popular cultural and scenic tours in New Mexico. Located along popular highways extending from Farmington, New Mexico to the heart of Navajoland are the volcanic land formations—volcanic neck and the San Juan River Corridor. Shiprock is situated in the northeastern part of the Navajo Nation. It extends into the northeast portion of Arizona, the southeastern corner of Utah, and the northwest corner of New Mexico. The oldest Navajo Nation fair is held in Shiprock, with the main ceremonial attraction of seasonal change. Agriculture remains one of the main sources of livelihood, as many dedicated Navajo farmers produce various farm products, along with the popular alfalfa. The Shiprock Shopping Center has 91,454 square feet of commercial space on around 26.82 acres. The current anchor tenant is the City Market Grocery Store, which generates around $210,000 per square foot. The Shopping Center occupies such well-known brands as Sonic and Taco Bell restaurants, and Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise (NACE). There are roughly 20 businesses and the Center runs at around 99% capacity. The Shopping Center is thriving and promises to continue to offer upscale prime goods and services in the future.

List of Current Tenants
DNA Legal Services, Phone: 505-368-3200
H&R Block, Phone: 505-368-4160
RBDO/Division of Economic Development, Phone: 505-368-1315
T&R Tax & Loan, Phone: 505-368-5810
Special Diabetes Project, Phone: 505-368-1382
Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise, Phone: 505-488-0101
Navajo Nation Child Support Enforcement Program, Phone: 505-368-1006
Shiprock Clinic, Ltd.
, Phone: 505-368-4568
Cellular ONE, Phone: 505-368-3100
Southwestern Home Health Care, Phone: 505-368-3897
Sun Loan Co.
, Phone: 505-368-5635
City Market, Phone: 505-368-4248
Little Caesars Pizza, Phone: 505-368-0700
4-Corners Salon, Phone: 505-368-3867
Healthy Habits Nutrition Club, 505-860-9260
Shiprock Quik Mart, Phone: 505-368-5480
Taco Bell
, Phone: 505-368-5957
Shiprock Express Lube, Phone: 505-368-4846
United States Post Office, Phone: 505-368-4497
Sonic Drive-In, Phone: 505-368-3148

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