SINCE 1982.


"Develop, retain, and expand profitable retail operations by maintaining excellent customer service, building strong community relations and pursuing new market potentials for the Navajo Nation."
"Be a successful commercial corporation that supports diversified services to the Navajo Nation economy."  
In 2002, Navajo Nation Shopping Centers, Inc was organized as a corporation under the Navajo Nation Corporation Code. And as a corporation the NNSCI operates with approved articles of incorporation and governing corporate bylaws to carry out its purpose as a property management and property development company. The last addition to NNSCI's shopping center property portfolio was the Dilkon Shopping Center in 2002. Since then, NNSCI has been managing nine (9) shopping centers properties across the Navajo Nation. 
Our primary value is to supply the best in business when it comes to satisfying the needs of our clients and help them grow their businesses. We strive to do this by:
• Acting with integrity and respect for others
• Being safe and environmentally responsible
• Committing to achieving success for our customers
• Delivering value and profit
• Excelling in our operations

Denise Canyon, Chairperson
Denise Canyon, Denise holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor’s from the Northern Arizona University. Currently serving as the Chairperson for NNSCI and is based in Tempe, AZ, Denise has a very diverse professional background which includes work in the areas of education, health, social programs, and for profit businesses. She also has extensive experience in contracting, procurement, finance, grant writing, and small/large business operations. This combination of education and experience adds to the value of the NNSCI’s efforts to improve quality, diversify marketing strategies, increase profitability, and promote positive entrepreneurial opportunities. Ms. Canyon has represented the Western Agency since 2007.

Tony Skrelunas, Vice Chairperson
Mr. Skrelunas holds a MBA and Bachelor degree in business management from Northern Arizona University.  A former Director of the Navajo Nation Economic Development, Government Development Divisions and once a board member of the Navajo Nation Shopping Centers, Inc., Mr. Skrelunas helped engineer large scale changes to the nation’s laws and policies to enable effective, thoughtful development. Mr. Skrelunas also serves advisor roles to, Tribes.Humans.Net, Black Mesa Water Coalition, and

Mark Graham, Secretary/Treasurer
As a Tax Field Auditor for the Gila River Indian Community, Mark is responsible for Administration of Indian Tax Codes such as Sales, Luxary, Hotel Occupancy and Possessory Interest Tax. A graduate of Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, Mark holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Business and has extensive background in governmental financial administration.

2 Vacant Board Positions (Central and Eastern Agency)

The Navajo Nation Shopping Center’s, Inc. is managed by a team of professionals all of whom are trained in industry standards and best practices in the Shopping Center Industry procedures, processes, marketing, leasing, and customer service. For more information call 928-871-2218.

Nicholas Taylor, CEO,
DuWaine Boone, COO,
Elizabeth Tso, Controller,
Amber Brown, Accounts Payable Technician,
Melvilena John, Leasing Administrator,
Rolanda Manygoats, Accounts Receivable Tech,
Byron Hoskie, Marketing Coordinator,
Ricky Abasta, Marketing Associate,
Brenda Arviso, Office Manager,

Charles Day, Maintenance Manager,
Murphy Nelson, Assistant Maintenance Manager,
Kellen Lange, Crownpoint
Adson Ross, Kayenta
Wilson Begay, Pinon
Marvin Curley, St. Michaels and Window Rock,
Jason Smith, Groundsman for St. Michaels and Window Rock,
Lyman Myron, Tuba City,
Kee John, Dilkon
Matthew Frazier, Shiprock

Here at the Navajo Nation Shopping Centers Inc., (NNSCI) we work very hard to ensure our tenants understand our leasing process. It is our intent to make it as easy as possible. NNSCI’s approach to managing the centers ensures business growth because each center provides management and maintenance services to its tenants.
This guarantees that our valued tenants receive personal attention and high value for their rental dollar. We are always looking for unique stores and businesses that will enhance the shopping experience at Navajo Nation Shopping Centers, Inc.

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