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The Dilkon Shopping Center is the newest of the 10 Shopping Centers. It currently provides 26,170 square feet of commercial space. Construction began in October 2001 and was completed in nine months. The anchor tenant is Bashas’ Dine’ Markets. The Shopping Center has proved to be a success among the community providing upscale modern goods and services such as a pizza eatery, laundromat, video store, grocery outlet, wellness center, and more. The Shopping Center also provides the community with jobs, business opportunities, and general revenue to the Navajo Nation.
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Dilkon is strategically located in the northeastern part of Arizona and the southwest part of the Navajo Nation. It is surrounded by major Arizona attractions such as the famous Painted Desert, Homolovi Ruins, and Meteor Crater, which attracts thousands of visitors each year. Dilkon is also well known for its volcanic land formations and Painted Desert features, and in the horizon to the west are the majestic San Francisco Peaks. Currently, under construction is the new Dilkon Medical Center, which will provide medical services to thousands of Navajo people in Dilkon and nearby communities in the southwestern portion of the Navajo Nation. The Dilkon Medical Center will be a major part of developing an overall vision of creating jobs, revenue and sustainability.
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