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The land was withdrawn for governmental operations by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. This administrative set-aside land was needed to accommodate the growing government and to allow the Navajo Nation to further advance operations. The estimated land size of the St. Michaels Chapter is 75,553.11 acres. The Navajo name is Ch'ihootsooi, and is interpreted as "Green Meadow Spreading (out from a narrow point)." St. Michaels is anchored by Bashas Dine Market and includes McDonalds and Church's Chicken. Leases are available for other restaurants, retail and services, all in a welcoming and growing community.
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Located on Highway 264, next to the Navajo Nation Fairgrounds, home of the World’s Largest American Indian Fair, the St. Michaels Shopping Center profits from the outlying development of the Window Rock / Ft. Defiance trading area. The expected continued growth of the St. Michaels Shopping Center, which sits close to the Capital of the Navajo Nation, is on the horizon of meeting the needs of the local communities. “Window Rock,” an administrative area, is similar to the District of Columbia.
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